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TEOS liquid level sensing

TEOS liquid level sensing

TEOS liquid level sensing is available as an upgrade to existing TEOS liquid delivery modules currently without level sensing on the PlasmaPro 100 PECVD & Nanofab.

The level sensing is achieved using ultra sonic level sensors fitted to the TEOS canister. Three level sense positions are read by the Oxford Instruments software and a clear level indication is displayed on screen.


  • Clear advance warning of TEOS canister exchange displayed on PC2000 software.
  • The active process automatically stops should TEOS run out. Log file indicates time ran and time remaining to be processed when new canister is fitted.
  • Enables calculation of TEOS usage
  • Minimising Particle contamination on substrate caused by rapid gas flows
  • Canister valves changed from manual valves to air operated pneumatic valves for greater user robustness and more automated operation.
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