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X20 PLC Upgrade

X20 PLC Upgrade

The X20 Control System delivers a future proof, flexible and reliable tool with increased system ‘intellect’.

  • The X20 PLC delivers a more future-proof, flexible and reliable tool with increased system intellect.
  • The X20 PLC was designed to replace the now-obsolete Black and Blue PLCs installed on Plasmalab and Ion Beam systems.
  • If your system operates with a Black PLC, then this upgrade is essential to continue receiving OIPT customer support.
  • If you purchased or upgraded a system with an X20 PLC before 2015, then your CPU is likely to have been made obsolete by the supplier.
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X20 Control System

Features and benefits of X20 PLC Upgrade


  • Slice based system, making it easier to diagnose faults
  • Diagnostics via Team Viewer (if network access available), providing enhanced remote support
  • Superior diagnostics software, reducing downtime
  • Onboard PID controller, providing stability and rapid response
  • Option for IP67 rated modules
  • Increased I/O Capability, offering further upgrade capacity
  • Increased OES End Point control, increasing recipe options from 8 to 64 recipes


  • Extremely fast scan speed
  • Fast processing, enhancing productivity and quality
  • Latest platforms ensure longer support
  • Compact system for smaller footprint
  • Simple installation, meaning less downtime
  • Enhanced remote support, reducing unplanned tool downtime and lower costs
  • Future-proof and flexible, extending the life of your system and allowing further process capability enhancements

* Option to combine X20 PLC Upgrade with PTIQ Upgrade, the latest intelligent software solution for plasma and ion beam systems.

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