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Process News 2023

The Power Edition

Welcome to the new Process News.

Gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) are currently the most promising materials in the power space, with fast charging in all its various forms, datacentre and 5G the applications driving GaN adoption, and EV drivetrains, renewable energy and high-voltage applications driving increased SiC utilisation.

Our GaN HEMT atomic layer etch and deposition with automated endpoint, is qualified for production in key Japanese volume GaN device manufacturers, and we reveal the key benefits of our GaN solution in this publication. In addition, we also share details of our innovative Plasma Polish SiC substrate and epi preparation technique that makes SiC device manufacturing more cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and increases SiC crystal quality, for higher yielding devices.

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Process News 2023 - Plasma Technology

The content you will find in the Process News

An interview with Peter Gammon, Professor of Power Electronic Devices

In this interview with Professor Peter Gammon, Head of Research and Deputy Head of School at Warwick University and prominent SiC industry commentator, we revisit his 2021 prediction for 200 mm SiC adoption, get his take on supply chain maturity, key issues facing the industry, and lots more. Peter gives insights from his whole-market perspective, his view on the future direction of SiC technology, and also shares some of the exciting research projects he is currently working on.

White Papers & Blog

White Paper
Enabling reliable normally-off recessed gate MISHEMT fabrication for power electronics applications
White Paper
Plasma Polish: Innovative and Validated High Specification SiC Surface Preparation
Blog Article
Six ways ALD can benefit GaN devices


Surface Smoothing at the Atomic Scale
Manufacturing of reliable normally-off recessed gate AlGaN/GaN MISHEMTs
From Substrate preparation to Device fabrication for High-End Power Applications

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