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PlasmaPro ASP

Based on production-proven platform for corporate/specialised R&D, PlasmaPro ASP has been designed to ensure high quality materials that can be deposited at speed with flexibility to run multiple chemistries to give excellent layers for incorporation into devices. Our cutting-edge Plasma Enhanced ALD system offers flexibility, conformality, and tunability of ALD with speed for higher throughput and thicker films.

  • 3x faster than conventional remote plasma

  • Reduced precursor consumption which is beneficial for the environment and cost of running

  • High material quality

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Improved serviceability and maintenance

  • Low volume chamber for speed

  • Low substrate damage

  • Higher process stability

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PlasmaPro ASP has shared platform with Atomfab to deliver fast and low damage remote plasma enhanced ALD. Remote plasma ALD offers superior device performance compared to thermal ALD and direct plasma ALD. It is compact to limit the effective chamber volume for rapid gas exchange and it is effective over the full 200mm wafer diameter.​

  • High speed remote plasma source
    - High and uniform radical density and low ion energies for low damage, fast    saturation
    - PLC and AMU control allows rapid striking
  • Excellent precursor and process control
    - Up to 6 precursors, bubbled or vapour drawn
  • Wafer electrode
    - 200 mm wafer electrode with bias
    - Up to 400 °C deposition temp.
    - 200 °C heated inner chamber
  • Control system
    - Ease of service, and simplified wiring
    - Improved diagnostics for service
    - No separate ‘electronics’ rack
Chamber schematic PlasmaPro ASP
  • Low damage GaN HEMT passivation for power electronics and RF devices
    • Low-oxygen content conductive nitrides with all-metal plasma source enabling fast cycle times, suitable for quantum devices
    • Low damage graphene encapsulation for Datacom applications 

    PlasmaPro ASP 3 um top22
    PlasmaPro ASP 3um bottom 26

    Images (above): 130 nm conformal superconducting NbN deposited in 8:1 aspect ratio trench using PlasmaPro ASP.

    PlasmaPro ASP Atomfab SiO2_ALD 04 q049

    Image (left): 450 nm conformal SiO2 deposited in 32:1 aspect ratio trench using PlasmaPro ASP.


    PlasmaPro ASP

    Precursor Lines

    Maximum 6 (any combination)​

    Precursor size (ml)


    Precursor type

    • Vapour draw - cooled ​
    • Vapour draw - heated ​
    • Bubbled – heated



    Gas pod

    4 Process + 1 Ar (Onboard) ​


    400 °C grounded/ biased

    Roughing Pump

    600 m3/hr


    UL Standard, Designed for SEM 2S



    PEALD Process Library 

    Al2O3, SiO2, NbN, TiN, more in development


    Case Study

    We collaborate for over 15 years with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and together we continue to make significant progress in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) research which is one of the most rapidly evolving techniques used in many applications of nanofabrication.

    We are very pleased to present the research projects of two PhD students from TU/e who have used Oxford Instruments’ FlexAL ALD system featuring a remote inductively coupled plasma source, enabling high-quality deposition. Using advanced plasma ALD technology, Karsten Arts has achieved conformal deposition on high aspect ratio features and Marc Merkx has achieved highly selective growth of Titanium Nitride (TiN).


    "One of the greatest advantages of FlexAL system is the plasma capabilities."

    Marc J. M. Merkx - Department of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology

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