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InP Laser and VCSEL Solutions

Lasers are being used in many different applications. From LIDAR to faster communications lasers are vital for enabling many advances in technology. Oxford Instruments has long experience of plasma processing the III-V materials such as InP and GaAs/AlGaAs that are used to manufacture solid-state laser diodes. Our Plasma Technologies enable you to produce reliable InP lasers and VCSELs, reducing optical losses and achieving the highest yield and throughput. 


Reliably Manufacturing VCSELs

VCSELs for faster communication

The success of VCSEL in emerging applications such as 3D sensing or optical interconnect  is a result of the unique device properties. From high power conversion efficiency in 3D sensing to high stability in Data Communication, we support the manufacturing process to deliver the target performances.

We have a long history of working closely with the Compound Semiconductor community,  over 20 years of experience in diode laser technology and have been supplying VCSEL manufacturers since the early days of Data Communication applications using 850nm modulators.

Our  VCSEL solutions support excellent electro-optical performance at maximum yield. With our strong expertise in plasma processing, we enable VCSEL manufacturers to produce high volumes of high-quality lasers. Our solutions are capable of processing up to 200mm substrates.

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Making Light Work of InP Lasers

InP lasers for communication

InP enables the manufacture of components that can operate at high frequencies allowing higher volumes of data.  When design and fabrication is optimised InP lasers provide high spectral purity and optical power, over a wide temperature range. The achievable wavelength range of 1100 – 2000 nm is optimal for fibre optic communications.

By establishing cost-effective processing solutions for the production of InP lasers we directly support the advancement of communications to support the ever increasing demand for data transfer.

Plasma etching and deposition solutions are offered to get the maximum light output with the highest yield and throughput.

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