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PlasmaPro 80 RIE

The PlasmaPro 80 reactive ion etch (RIE) is a compact, small footprint system offering versatile etch and deposition solutions with convenient open loading. It is easy to site and easy to use, with no compromise on process quality. The open load design allows fast wafer loading and unloading, ideal for research, prototyping and low-volume production. It enables high performance processes using optimised electrode cooling and excellent substrate temperature control.

  • Open load design allows fast wafer loading and unloading
  • Excellent etch control and rate determination
  • Excellent wafer temperature uniformity
  • Up to 200mm wafers
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Built to Semi S2/S8 standards

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  • Small footprint - Easy to site
  • Optimised electrode cooling - Substrate temperature control
  • High-conductance radial (axially symmetric) pumping configuration - Guaranteed enhanced process uniformity and rates are
  • Addition of < 500ms data logging - Traceability and history of chamber and process conditions
  • Close-coupled turbo pump - High pumping speed and excellent base pressure
  • Clear ease of access to key components - Improved serviceability and maintenance
  • X20 control system - Greatly increases data retrieval and delivers faster, more repeatable matching
  • Fault and tool diagnostics via front end software - Rapid fault diagnosis
  • Laser end-point detection using interferometry - Measure etch depth in transparent materials on reflective surfaces (for example, oxides on Si), or reflectometry for non-transparent materials (such as metals) to determine layer boundaries
  • Optical emission spectrometry (OES) for large sample or batch process end-pointing - Detecting changes in etch by-products or depletion of reactive gas species, and for chamber clean end-pointing
  • III-V etch processes
  • Silicon Bosch and cryo-etch processes
  • Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) deposition
  • SiO2 and quartz etch
  • Failure analysis dry etch de-processing using the specially-configured PlasmaPro FA tools ranging from packaged chip and die etch through to full 200mm wafer etch
  • Hard mask etch for high brightness LED production
RIE of InP waveguide

RIE of InP waveguide

7 μm polyimide feature RIE

7 μm polyimide feature RIE


Case Study

We had the privilege to speak with two Senior Research Fellows from UCL who use our PlasmaPro® 80 RIE system, presenting their latest research projects related to Quantum and Optoelectronic devices.

Dr Oscar Kennedy has used Plasma Pro RIE system to create superconducting circuit by etching the superconducting NbN film, whereas Dr Wing Ng has used the RIE system to accurately pattern a 50 nm gap with smooth sidewalls between a pair of waveguides for chip‑based optical buffers.

Reactive Ion Etching offers excellent process control in the fabrication of semiconductor devices and is used in many device manufacturing processes.


"With the PlasmaPro RIE, you can proceed with very aggressive chemical cleaning and then immediately deposit your superconductor on top of your substrate. It’s fast to use and straightforward with powerful and immediate results."

Dr Oscar Kennedy, UCLQ Postdoctoral Fellow

"Oxford’s RIE system offers high flexibility in the process and excellent control of the gases and the power of plasma."

Dr Wing Ng, Senior Research Fellow at UCL

Global Customer Support

Oxford Instruments is committed to providing a comprehensive, flexible and reliable global customer support. We offer excellent quality service throughout the life of your system.

  • Remote diagnostics software provides quick and easy fault diagnosis and resolution.
  • Support contracts are available to suit the budget and situation.
  • Global spares in strategic locations for quick response.

NEW: PTIQ Software

PTIQ is the latest intelligent software solution for PlasmaPro and Ionfab processing equipment.

  • Exceptional level of responsive system control
  • Optimise system and process performance
  • Different levels of software to suit your requirements
  • Brand new intuitive layout and design

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