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Sustainability at Plasma Technology

Protecting the environment

We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint of our operations, products, and services. We support our customers to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, enabling a greener economy, increased connectivity, improved health, and leaps in scientific understanding. Our site has an energy champion who is responsible for monitoring energy use, waste streams, recycling and emissions to air, water and land. We have a cross functional GO Green team who are constantly seek innovative ways to improve our environmental footprint, share ideas and engage all of our employees in our accountability to protect our planet.

Energy Efficiency & Climate Change

Oxford Instruments has a low impact on the environment with a relatively low carbon footprint, chemical and water use. Our drive is to do even more.

Our policy is to minimise the environmental footprint of our operations, products and services. Our efforts are focused on more efficient energy use, with other initiatives in place to reduce our carbon footprint.


Resource Efficiency & Waste

We aim to minimise our waste outputs and ensure that as little as possible goes to landfill. Our site is now "zero waste to landfill" where waste is recycled either directly, e.g. cardboard, metals, wood and paper, or indirectly for non-recyclable general waste, which is sent to waste incinerator sites where it can be burned to produce energy.


  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Reusable cups, bottles and masks supplied
    Switch it off campaign to go green - Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

    Switching it off, automatic light sensors saving electricity in our Applications Laboratory.

    “Everyone at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology is collectively working towards making 2021 the year we create the lowest amount of waste.“

    Remote working & Transport

    We have reduced the amount our employees travel by air and over land and will continue to make further improvements with the use of technology. We have trained service engineers in the use of virtual support tools that enable remote diagnostics and repair of our systems to help our customers resolve problems without having an engineer travel to fix the problem. The coronavirus outbreak has led to much more innovation in relation to services, training and sales webinars. We are looking at all the ways we can use the new skills and capabilities we have developed to engage with and support our customers without the need to travel, thereby reducing our environmental impact.


    • Electric car charging points 
    • Electric bike & bike doctor
    • Flexible working hours & working from home policy
    • Remote support & installation available for our customers

    Wildlife habitats & Biodiversity

    We are situated in beautiful rural North Somerset and have green landscaping around our site. We have been improving local wildlife habitats by installing beehives and bird boxes and our staff have been planting wildflower seeds and bulbs.


    • Sunflower competition
    • Planted Allium bulbs & a meadow seed mix
    • Planting crocus bulbs 
    • Bird boxes and bee hotels installed
    • Nature reserve work party
    Adopting electric cars in Oxford Instruments Planting crocus bulbs at Oxford Instruments Planting wildflower seeds with Oxford Instruments staff
    Go Green - Oxford Instrument Plasma Technology
    Waste Saver - Oxford Instrument Plasma Technology

    About Go Green

    Go Green is a cross-function group of champions making our business and world more sustainable. GO Green's Waste Saver campaign aims to showcase some of the simple actions we can all take at Oxford Instruments to support the global effort to create a better future for everybody. By taking these small but impactful actions, whether it's pledging to reject single use items, work with less plastic or report your work waste, we can all join the movement to reduce waste and be part of the solution.