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Go Green 'goes electric'

As sustainable travel becomes a more pressing global issue, we’ve taken action and made it a reality here at Plasma Technology with our Go Green initiative! Two recent initiatives have been put in place at the company near Bristol with the support of local authority, North Somerset Council.

With over 100,000 electric vehicles now on our roads, a greater choice of vehicles, and more charging points nationally, several Plasma Technology staff have adopted them, so it made complete sense to have electrical car charging points installed at our factory for our staff.

Chris Hodson, Senior Product Manager at Plasma Technology is one of the business’ proud owners of a hybrid vehicle. “It’s good to be able to charge our vehicles while in the office”, says Chris, “As our business has been at the forefront of providing process equipment for wide band gap power device fabrication which will enable more efficient electric vehicles, it is really great to be a part of its evolution.”

A second initiative by our local authority, North Somerset Council, is to loan local companies an electric bike for employees to try out, and to encourage more people to take regular exercise and cycle to work. We recently took delivery of the bike and I was lucky enough to have been the first to enjoy using it.

I already cycle to work occasionally on my road bike purchased through the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme, but the electric bike makes the fairly long commute much more manageable and is such fun. It’s great to be able to have some fresh air and exercise before and after work, without quite the amount of effort needed on a ‘normal’ bike! I’m certainly considering buying one having ridden into work on the electric bike several times now.

We’re really pleased that North Somerset Council has given us the opportunity to make these steps towards becoming more sustainable, and hope that this will encourage more users within our business.

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Author: Susie Williams, Marketing Communications Manager