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Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)

CVD is a well-established technique for deposition of a wide variety of films with different compositions and thicknesses down to a single layer of atoms.

In-depth diagram of CVD system chamber


  • Substrate sits directly on electrode which can be heated up to 1200˚C
  • Gas injected into process chamber via “showerhead” gas inlet in the top electrode
  • Solid/liquid precursor delivery system for novel processes such as 2D materials MOCVD, ZnO nanowire CVD etc.
  • Automatic load lock to transfer sample directly on to a hot table and save time on heating and cooling.
  • Plasma enhancement options for lower temperature deposition or plasma assisted conversion or functionalization as well as chamber cleaning.
  • Wide range of processes possible in the same chamber
  • PlasmaPro® 100 Nano is a high temperature CVD/PECVD system tailored for high quality deposition of nanostructured materials and Silicon based thin films.
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  • Up to 1200˚C table temperature
  • Direct and remote plasma enhancement options
  • Operating pressures up to 5 Torr (higher possible)
  • Dry plasma cleaning process with end-point control removes or reduces need for physical/chemical chamber cleaning 
  • Multiple heated/cooled liquid/solid precursors delivery system in addition to 12 gas delivery lines.
  • Offers a wide range of material deposition, including:
    • Si based PECVD/ICP CVD processes and high temperature CVD processes in the same chamber
    • 1D materials growth such as Carbon nanotubes, ZnO nanowires and Si Nanowires
    • 2D materials growth  such as Graphene, hBN, MoS2/WS2 and other transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs)
Image of CVD process in operation, remote plasma
PlasmaPro 100 Nano
700°C table 800°C table 1200°C table
Thin Film Process SiOx, SiNx, aSiC, aSi, μc-Si, polySi* SiOx, SiNx, aSiC, aSi, μc-Si, polySi SiOx, SiNx, aSiC, aSi, μc-Si, polySi
1D Nano materials MWNTs, Si, Ge NWs, ZnO NWs MWNTs, SWNTs, Si, Ge, ZnO NWs MWNTs, SWNTs, Si, Ge, ZnO NWs
2D Nano materials NA NCG, Vertical Graphene NCG, Vertical Graphene, BN, MoS<sub>2</sub> CVD Graphene
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