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SECS/GEM Software

'GEM' is a standard that builds upon a series of existing 'SECS' standards to define a means to coordinate/automate 'equipment' in a manufacturing (process) environment ('factory'), by means of a 'host'. These standards are colloquially referred to as 'SECS/GEM'.

How we work with SECS/GEM

As a provider of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, we offer a SECS/GEM-compliant interface for our system control software (PTIQ, PCx) with documentation to support your integration efforts.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology systems are controlled from a PC running either:

  • PTIQ – our latest, modern software platform
  • A member of our older PCx family of software

Whether the system is run by PTIQ or PCx, we can configure the software to provide a SECS/GEM interface.


We provide technical documentation of the interface, which is needed by your SECS/GEM integrator. It complements, and requires, knowledge of how to operate the Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology system.

Integration support

We can provide fixed-duration support for your integration development efforts. On-site and remote-only options are available.


Capabilities of SECS/GEM

  • Data collection. Enable the host to monitor equipment activity:
  • Event reporting. Inform the host when significant ‘collection’ events occur on the equipment, such as completion of wafer transfer
  • Trace data reporting. Send data samples periodically from equipment to host
  • Limit monitoring. Inform the host when a data variable on the equipment exceeds defined limits
  • Reports. Define what data to include in event reporting
  • Establish communications. Establish equipment-host communications following system initialization or loss of communications
  • Spooling. Buffer (on the equipment) messages intended for the host during communication failure and deliver when communication is restored
  • Remote control. Provide the host with limited control over equipment operations such as START, and ABORT
  • Alarm management. Notify the host and manage alarm conditions on the equipment
  • Equipment constants. Enable the host to define operational settings on the equipment
  • Process recipe management. Enable the host to manage process recipes on the equipment
  • Equipment terminal services. Enable the host to display text messages on the equipment UI and vice-versa
  • Error messages. Provide this host with descriptions of equipment errors
  • Clock. Enable the host to read and update the system clock of the equipment
  • Control. Enable the host (or user) to configure the equipment's control-related behavior

Architecture of SECS/GEM

The standards are defined by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) industry association.

Model layer

Message layer

Protocol layer


Introducing... PTIQ Software

PTIQ is the latest intelligent software solution for PlasmaPro and Atomfab processing equipment.

  • Exceptional level of responsive system control
  • Optimise system and process performance
  • Different levels of software to suit your requirements
  • Brand new intuitive layout and design

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