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AR Applications

Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technology that allows users to visualise and interact with computer-generated objects layered on top of real-world environments.

AR, as well as mixed reality (MR), requires an optical combiner that allows the eye to see the real world whilst projecting a virtual image. AR has a number of applications in B2B market with applications such as manufacturing, training, security and surgical procedures. Applications for consumers are just as numerous with use cases such as gaming, shopping or navigation.  


AR solutions with optimum optical performance

For optimum optical performance, waveguide-based combiners must be manufactured with tight tolerances. When manufacturing the master mould for surface-relief gratings in light couplers and excellent control of the CD, the angle and the depth of the gratings is required. This can be achieved through mask dry etching and angled grating etching processes.

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Simplified process flow. Orange processes show solutions covered by Oxford Instruments' technology.

Precision & Scalability

Whilst many technologies have been considered to deliver truly immersive AR experience, the waveguide approach has been favoured by major players such as Microsoft Hololens and Vuzix because of its ability to achieve a high field of view.

We have many years of expertise in etching the slanted feature on large areas. Our solutions are designed to deliver the manufacturing quality required for surface-relief gratings. We support manufacturers in reaching optimum optical efficiency with a range of slanted angle available. We have many years of expertise in developing solutions for slanted gratings. Our solution delivers market-leading uniformity for wafer sizes up to 200mm.

High-yield Manufacturing

Our advanced plasma processing solutions – achieved with ICP Etching, RIE and Ion Beam Etching – can handle wafers up to 200mm in size for high-volume production of AR devices. Our Ionfab system for IBE has been configured for optimum uniformity on 200mm wafer size. Our proprietary ion beam technology and patent filed grid design allow us to produce standard 45° gratings with excellent precision. Our processing capability covers various materials such as Si and SiO2.

Cluster configuration options are available, using a field-proven, highly-reliable vacuum transfer robot for mask etching and AR coating modules.

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