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Introducing... PTIQ

PTIQ is the latest intelligent software solution for PlasmaPro and Atomfab processing equipment.

  • Exceptional level of responsive system control
  • Optimise system and process performance
  • Different levels of software to suit your requirements
  • Brand new intuitive layout and design

Intelligent Software. Powerful Solutions.

Responsive. Reliable. Repeatable

PTIQ software has been designed to deliver an exceptional level of responsive system control, reliability and repeatability for Oxford Instruments customers.

It will optimise system and process performance in the Lab or Fab, with different levels of software available to suit your facility requirements.

PTIQ also offers the option for extra performance for PTIQ Pro.

What are the benefits?

  • SEMI E95 compliant to facilitate rapid and error-free process setup
  • Automated daily, weekly, and monthly checks to optimise uptime
  • Fingerprinting and chamber matching to assist enhanced yield throughput
  • Flexible batch scheduler allowing throughput optimisation
  • Customisable for error-free, multi-user operation in any cleanroom environment
  • Recipe editor matching Oxford Instruments’ process datasheets for easy, error-free transfer of recipes
  • Market leading graphical user interface (GUI) to make understanding and controlling Oxford Instruments systems easier than ever before
  • Instant access to tolerance, pre-sets and configuration making servicing systems easier than ever before
  • Single page system and recipe overviews
  • Easily tailor the software behaviour to individual user requirements
  • Increased versatility to achieve optimal performance
  • Recipe privacy settings for multiuser facilities
  • Millisecond accuracy and 1000 point logging for improved data interrogation
PTIQ screen layout

PTIQ Screen Layout

Software Options


PTIQ Pro includes all the features of the standard software plus advanced features for extra performance:

  • Comparing data from multiple runs
  • Enhanced wafer scheduling
  • Agile & flexible recipes
  • Plasma strike assist
  • Support for advanced metrology and hardware options

PTIQ AnalytIQs


PTIQ AnalytIQs is a set of analytical tools to maximise the uptime of the system, to allow deeper understanding and interpretation of process logged data through the statistical analysis of data. They further extend the PTIQ LogViewer for the tracking and analysis of all system parameters.

AnalytIQs Pro

Premium module to measure, analyse and report on the data captured whilst processing.


A set of engineer analysis tools that are essential for self-maintained systems and troubleshooting drills down to the heart of the electronics to control the equipment. These are the same tools available to Oxford Instruments customer support engineers.

SECS/GEM Factory Host Connection

A software module that connects the Oxford equipment over a SECS/GEM link to a factory host controller for use in an automated
semiconductor fab.

PTIQ Backup

This premium module is responsible for periodic backup of recipes, configuration and process run data to a remote computer.

This can be for archival purposes or to transpose the data ready for external processing as required.

How to Upgrade Your System

If you currently run a system with PC2000 or PC4500, and want to upgrade to PTIQ, we have several upgrade paths available. On completion of the upgrade, you will automatically enrolled in the Oxford Instruments Software Assurance Agreement.

We also have site-wide PTIQ Upgrade plans. Since PC2000 and PC4500 are now no longer supported, you can upgrade your whole site for a discounted rate to ensure continuity of software support going forward.


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