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Upgrade to PTIQ

PTIQ is the latest intelligent software solution for PlasmaPro and Plasmalab and processing equipment.

  • Exceptional level of responsive system control
  • Optimise system and process performance
  • Different levels of software to suit your requirements
  • Brand new intuitive layout and design

Intelligent Software. Powerful Solutions.

Upgrade for Maximum Performance

PTIQ is the latest intelligent software solution for PlasmaPro, Plasmalab and Ionfab processing equipment. PTIQ provides an exceptional level of system control as standard, as well as the option for extra performance with PTIQ Pro.

Responsive. Reliable. Repeatable

Offering an exceptional level of reliability and repeatability, PTIQ will optimise system and process performance in the Lab or Fab, with different levels of software available to suit facility requirements.

Features & Benefits

What are the benefits compared to PC2000 and PC4500?

Increased intelligence

  • New intuitive layout providing an enhanced level of information
  • Intelligent Assist features
    • Process Readiness Advisories that alerts users to "Known Good Practices"
    • Enables complete flexibility with User Requests


More productive

  • Relevant information where you need it
  • User interface designed to reduce mouse clicks


Enhanced accuracy

  • Internals run on accurate 10ms synchronised clock for jitter-free control, metronomic output and oscilloscope-like measurements


Time saving

  • Routine maintenance procedures can be recorded and run in the improved Recipe structure
  • Automate dialy, weekly and monthly tasks
PTIQ screen layout

PTIQ Screen Layout


  • Personalisation feature enabled improved customisation and efficiency
  • Multi-language support


Service & user beneifts

  • Single integrated application that allows hyperlinking between pages
  • Always-on diagnostics
  • Self-testing
  • Live reporting, per device, of adctive interlocks
  • Electronic zeroing of devices
  • Per device alarm status
    • Troubleshooting guide
  • Service Mode replacement allows manual control with interlocks live
  • "Hold" and "Force" of devices
  • Custom overlays

A recipe editor that matches our process datasheets.

Recipe Features

  • Routine maintenance procedures can berecorded and run in the improved Recipe structure
  • Cut, Copy and Paste whole recipes or parts of recipes
  • Tolerances set in process recipes
  • Edit multiple recipes simultaneously
  • Whole recipe viewable on one page
  • Ability to alter chamber options during recipe (wafer lift, table lift, ESC, etc.)

Additional Features

  • A flexible batch scheduler that will adapt tochanging chamber status and re-route to other available chambers
  • Complex wafer routes can be created graphically, multiple chamber visits, returns to load stations and inter wafer operations
  • Multiple parallel processing of wafers
  • Throughput optimisation by having wafers ready outside of waiting chambers

Upgrading to PTIQ

If you currently run a system with PC2000 or PC4500, and want to upgrade to PTIQ, we have several upgrade paths available.

We also have site-wide PTIQ Upgrade plans. Since PC2000 and PC4500 are now no longer supported, you can upgrade your whole site for a discounted rate to ensure continuity of software support going forward.


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