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Reactive Ion Etching – Plasma Enhanced (RIE-PE)

Reactive Ion Etching Plasma Enhanced (RIE-PE) combines two simple plasma generation techniques on one tool.

With RIE, more directional etching and faster rates are achieved as the surface the sample sits on has an accelerating voltage attracting ions from the plasma. PE has no accelerating voltage and more isotropic etching takes place.

Diagram showing RIE-PE system technology


  • Substrate electrode cooled
  • Top or bottom electrode RF driven (13.56 MHz)
  • Automatic switching
  • Shower held gas inlet (in the top electrode)
  • Parameter: gas flows, pressure, RF power
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  • Solid state RF generators and close coupled matching network for fast and consistent etching
  • Full area process gas inlet showerhead for uniform gas distribution
  • Electrodes for temperatures from -150ºC to 400ºC
  • High pumping capacity gives wide process pressure window
  • Wafer clamping with He backside cooling is available for optimum wafer temperature control

PlasmaPro 80
Electrode size 240mm
Loading Open Load
Substrates See product brochure
MFC controlled gaslines 4,8 or 12 line gas box available
Wafer stage temperature range -150ºC to 400ºC
He Back side cooling option Yes
ICP option Yes
Focused plasma Yes
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RIE-PE Systems

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