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Process News Spring 2019

Here at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) we have a long and rich history of working with the best researchers in the world and helping them take their work from the Lab into the Fab. 2018 has been a brilliant example of this with many innovations reaching a stage where they are being offered to the market.

VCSELs will have a big impact in: facial recognition, Lidar for driverless cars, Augmented Reality (AR) and high speed communications. OIPT has engaged with most of the VCSEL manufacturers finding out what they need and developing targeted process solutions.

In 2018 there has been a lot of excitement around SiC devices. OIPT has plasma etch and deposition processes to enable optimum device performances at excellent Cost of Ownership (CoO).

GaN RF is now approaching the stage when it can be offered in high volumes. New technologies such as Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) and production Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) are enabling these devices.

InP lasers are at the heart of data communications systems without it you cannot get the speeds needed to satisfy the volume that will come from 5G and IoT. OIPT has developed facet etches, dielectric passivation and other process solutions for our customers.

It is an exciting time for compound semiconductors, OIPT is THE compound semiconductor plasma process solutions company.

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