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Platens, Carriers, and Clamps

Platens, Carriers, and Clamps

Upgrades to platens, carriers, and clamps are available to meet your evolving process requirements.

If you are planning to undertake a new process or increase the size of wafers processed, then we have a wide range of platens, carriers, and clamps available. Bespoke platens are also available.

Platens are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including quartz, graphite, silicon carbide, silicon, aluminium, and ceramic (alumina). Multiple recess and wafer-tweezer options are also available, along with multiple sandwich platens.

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Platens, Carriers, and Clamps Upgrades

Upgrading platens, carriers, and clamps can expand your process capabilities and increase your performance.

Upgrade Suitability

Platens, carriers, and clamps upgrades are available across the entire range of Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology platforms.

Upgrade Process

The upgrade process includes a review of our customers’ system/s, process requirements, and access to our extensive process library. Bespoke solutions are available. Formal quotations will be issued once the system and process review has been finalised.

Upgrade Timeline

For Platen, Clamp, and Carrier upgrades, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology will ship the component parts to you but customers undertake the installation process.

For more information on upgrading a platen, carrier, or clamp, please contact your local service support sales team.