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Advanced Energy Paramount Generator

Advanced Energy Paramount Generator

We would like to notify customers that Advanced Energy, the manufacturer of our generators have announced the obsolescence of several units, and we are able to offer superior replacements.

The Advanced Energy Paramount generator is the latest build specification for Oxford Instruments high frequency (HF) RIE, ICP and Sputter processes. Offering increased reliability and greater plasma stability though the use of digital control and phase synchronization.

Obsolete unitNew option
RFG 1251Paramount 1.5KW Base Generator
RFG 3001Paramount 3KW Generator


  • Reduces RF delivery system complexity
  • Optimises film uniformity and throughput with unprecedented power delivery accuracy
  • Enables faster, seamless process transitions
  • Reduces arc-caused contamination and damage
  • Provides advanced pulsing and pulse synchronization
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