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Benefits of Upgrades

Upgrades are available for the entire range of Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology systems.

Our Upgrades portfolio offers a range of features and benefits designed to:

  • optimise or enhance your system’s capabilities;
  • manage obsolescence;
  • save money and other costs.

Upgrades can:

  • boost productivity;
  • reduce the cost of ownership and maintenance;
  • enhance system automation and control.

 Upgrade Benefits

Managing Obsolescence

  • Enhance reliability by minimising fault risks, meaning more tool uptime and productivity
  • Maintain pace with technological progress by incorporating next-generation products 
  • Replace obsolete parts, which can quickly become difficult to find and expensive
  • Avoid unplanned system downtime

Enhancing System Capabilities

  • Keep workers safe by incorporating upgrades reflecting contemporary health and safety framework
  • Gain efficiencies through enhanced automation
  • Increase productivity and wafer processing capacity
  • Extend the mean-time-between-cleans, providing more scope for productivity and meaning less system downtime
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by continuously taking advantage of productivity-boosting Upgrades
  • Capture more data, more simply, with software Upgrades

Save Money and Other Costs

  • Spend less time and money on installation and training compared with buying new equipment
  • Reduce maintenance time and cost
  • Reduce cost of ownership through less waste
  • Prolong your system’s life expactancy
  • Maintain existing footprint, with most upgrades requiring no additional (and costly) space
  • Enhance mean-time-between-failures (MTBF)

All Upgrades include a warranty period. Your system is a significant investment. We recommend evaluating your system’s existing capabilities to calculate the costs and limitations of your current processes. Get in touch now to learn more about our Upgrades portfolio.

Results of recent customer surveys


More than 92 per cent of respondents rated the overall value and performance of their upgrade in meeting the required process performance as positive experiences.

Respondents defined as customers which agreed to survey results being used for testimonial purposes (surveys conducted from April 18, 2019, to August 2, 2021).


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