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Vacuum Capacitor AMU

Vacuum Capacitor AMU

We would like to inform you that the air vane AMU as fitted on PlasmaPro 80, PlasmaPro 100 is now obsolete. The new replacement for the air vane AMU’s is the Vacuum Capacitor AMU which has been designed to offer customers an increase in productivity due to a decrease in downtime.

Upgrading to the Vacuum Capacitor AMU is an exchange of the current fitted air vane AMU, the vacuum Capacitor AMU includes a firmware update that has an enhanced matching algorithm. The vacuum capacitor AMU works with fast gas switching processes as used on PlasmaPro100 Cobra and PlasmaPro Estrelas.

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AMU Vacuum Capacitor Upgrade inside HP - Oxford Instruments
  • Improved efficiency
  • Air Cooling
  • Matching Speed means 0.5 seconds is achievable
  • Stepper Motors means easier setup
  • Direct drive with no gearbox; minimal backlash for more accurate positioning and repeatable matching
  • Improved serviceability
  • Push-On RF connector for easy connectivity
  • Improved control
  • Software configured parameters and logging
  • No potentiometers to adjust etc
  • All match positions logged in software
  • Simplified maintenance and repair

Upgrade Timeline

Vacuum Capacitor AMU (Automatic Matching Unit) upgrades are typically installed within just one day, including testing.

Upgrade Suitability

Vacuum Capacitor AMU (Automatic Matching Unit) upgrades are suitable for Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s PlasmaPro 80 and PlasmaPro 100 platforms.

Please contact your local customer service sales team for more information, pricing, and a free consultation.

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