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RF and LF Generators

RF and LF Generators

We offer a range of RF and LF generators to suit your system and process requirements. Our selection of generators is sourced from leading manufacturers to ensure you benefit from the latest design innovations and build specifications.

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Advanced Energy Paramount Generator

Features and benefits of RF and LF Generators Upgrades

Upgrading RF and LF generators can provide multiple benefits. The following features and benefits are noted as examples only:

  • Increased reliability
  • Improved matching speed
  • Full digital control
  • Frequency tuning, pulsing, and pulse synchronization
  • Real-time power and impedance measurement
  • Arc management
  • Phase synchronization (CEX)
  • Enhance plasma stability and process repeatability
  • Precisely control RF power
  • Quickly respond to plasma changes
  • Easily adapt to meet specific application needs

Upgrade Timeline

RF Generator and LF Generator upgrades are typically installed within just one day.

Upgrade Suitability

RF Generator and LF Generator upgrades are available for all Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology platforms, including our PlasmaLab, Plasma Pro, Estrelas, and Polaris platforms.

Please contact your local customer service sales team for more information, pricing, and a free consultation.

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