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Gas lines are essential for customers seeking to add new capabilities to their Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology system. Whether you are considering introducing a new process or improving an existing process, it’s likely that new gas lines will be required. Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s extensive process experience and expertise means we can advise customers on the gas lines required in accordance with the new processes you are exploring.

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Gas Pod with Gas Lines
  • Gas lines introduce greater flexibility, increasing the range of processes available for each process chamber
  • Expand process and recipe base
  • Safety guarantees
  • Process consultation
  • Up to 12 gas lines can be accommodated (dependant on the gas pod’s configuration)
  • Toxic and non-toxic gases can be accommodated (subject to configuration)
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Latest version Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) can be installed (MKS or Horiba)
  • Industry standard MFC mounting means MFCs from different manufacturers may be installed

Upgrade Suitability

Gas lines are available for any platform previously configured with an external gas pod.

Upgrade Process

The upgrade process involves a system review (on-site or remotely), including a safety audit, prior to the issue of a formal quotation. Installation can be completed in two days, including a comprehensive safety review and sign-off process, as well as functionality tests.

Please contact your local customer service sales team for more information, pricing, and a free consultation.

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