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OEM Obsolescence

We Provide an Upgrade Path for Obsolete Parts

We would like to remind our customers that several OEM parts have been declared obsolete by suppliers. The obsolete parts are listed in the table below. Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology is pleased to offer customers an upgrade path for these obsolete parts.

Why upgrade obsolete parts?

Obsolescence can have profound consequences for your systems and processes, including unplanned system downtime, lost production, and potential loss of yield. Upgrading enhances your system with the latest design innovations, providing more reliability and improved performance and automation. All upgrades also include a warranty period and supplier technical support.

Obsolete parts are often difficult and expensive to source, with limited or no technical support available, whilst third-party repairs and counterfeit parts can jeopardise warranties and compromise system and process performance. All Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology obsolescence upgrades involve genuine OEM parts.

We recommend you upgrade now, as part of a broader plan to avoid unscheduled and unnecessary downtime. Contact us for a review of your system so that we can supply you with an obsolescence package tailored to your specific system/s and requirements.

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