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OEM Obsolescence

We Provide an Upgrade Path for Obsolete Parts

We would like to notify our customers that several OEM parts within your Ion Beam and/or Plasma Processing system(s) have been made obsolete by the manufacturers.

Below is the list of parts which are now obsolete. To keep your system updated to our current standard, Oxford Instruments is offering an upgrade path for these parts. All upgrades come with a warranty attached.

Contact us now to arrange a review of your system and see how we can help you to protect it against long-term down-time in the event of component failure.

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RF Generators

  • Advanced Energy RFG 1251
  • Advanced Energy RFG 3001
  • Advanced Energy HFV8000 (5Kw)
  • Advanced Energy LF5 Generator


  • MKS 1179A MFC
  • MKS 1479A MFC

DC PSU (Ion Beam)

  • Glassman LP 600-2
  • Glassman LP 20-60


  • X20 1484 CPU
  • Black PLC Mini Controller
  • Blue PLC CP476

Edwards pump

  • iH600

Pfeiffer (Adixen) Backing Pumps

  • ADP122P
  • ADP620P
  • 2033 / 2063
  • Roots Rotary 601BF
  • Roots Rotary 301BF

Automatic Pressure Controller (APC)

  • VAT PM5
  • MKS pressure controller
  • Oxford Instruments pressure controller

Pfeiffer (Adixen) Turbo Pumps and Controllers

  • A1300M Turbo Controller
  • ACP400
  • ATP400 Turbo
  • ATH1300M Turbo