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Bringing the Nanoworld Together 2017

Nanotechnology has changed the dynamics in various spheres of life. It has revolutionised many industries and is set to take a giant leap. To understand its use in various fields’, research is being conducted globally by all nations at various scales.  At Oxford Instruments, we realised the need for synergy between Industry and Academia; to build a strong foundation and supplement this growth of research.  This resulted in organising workshops that would bring this new world of researchers together.

Bringing the Nanoworld Together is one of the largest workshops organised by Oxford Instruments group in India and is also well known as BTNT. These workshops present talks on cutting edge Nanotechnology and its applications in various fields. Since its inception in the 2012, BTNT has been hosted in seven institutes over five years and has been attracting over 200 participants for every workshop.

BTNT group picture

During BTNT we run two parallel sessions, namely fabrication and characterisation. The workshop is split following the plenary session, which hosts inaugural and keynote talk. These sessions cover leading edge talks from over 20 local and International experts covering a wide range of topics within each technical area. Here participants benefit greatly, by meeting experts in their field of research and are able to discuss their own research applications.

The support extended by these researchers has kept Oxford Instruments motivated to continue with these series of workshops. This year Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology and Nanoscience will be hosting our 6th BTNT workshop at University of Hyderabad from 5 to 6 December, with talks from other Oxford Instrument’ businesses too. The fabrication session will focus on Nanoscale Plasma Processing and the Characterisation session will focus on Cryofree® Research tools.

The workshop has limited seats so book yours today! Register for BTNT

Author: Astik Jukar, Marketing Manager, India