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Best Content of 2018

In 2018, we saw the launch of several white papers and webinars from our plasma processing experts, as well as lots of other great content. If you missed out, don't worry, it's all available for free. We've summarised the best bits in this blog!

VCSEL Endpoint White Paper Cover

1. VCSELs White Paper – Advanced Endpoint Control

The current demands from optical interconnect, LIDAR technology or face recognition is driving the VCSEL industry to grow faster. 

VCSEL manufacturing is rapidly scaling up across the world and the VCSEL fabrication process has to achieve ever higher yield and quality.

In this white paper, we focus on how to best control the geometry of the mesa for wafer size up to 150mm. We review the key requirements for achieving either a tapered or vertical profile with precise control of the depth of the mesa.

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2. BioMEMS White Paper – Device Fabrication

Semiconductor technology is becoming increasingly important in global healthcare enabling novel understanding, discovery and treatment of disease to make healthcare more affordable and efficient, both in and out of the clinic.

Convergence of technology from the seemingly disparate fields of semiconductor device processing, life sciences are fast revolutionizing healthcare and medical research

In this white paper, we explored the various processing challenges and solutions for the fabrication of microfluidics and active elements of these devices.

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BioMEMS Device Fabrication White Paper Cover

3. BioMEMS Webinar – Fabrication of Biomedical Devices 

Healthcare and life science R&D is witnessing a paradigm shift due to advances in semiconductor device processing.

This webinar focused on how Oxford Instruments fabrication solutions co enable you to build a wide variety of biomedical devices and overcome a variety of challenges

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4. Process News Magazine – Summer 2018

This year we saw the return of Process News, our newsletter-magazine about all things plasma technology, including industry news, updates on our new content, and much more.

In this edition, topics included:

We know our customers are doing amazing things with our systems around the world: Process News is here to share what you are achieving and how we can help you achieve it.

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Process News Newsletter Cover
Star Trek Beam Me Up Scotty and AR Magic Leap

Credit: Star Trek – Paramount Pictures/Entertainment Pictures  |  Magic Leap – Magic Leap One Headset

5. 'Beam Me Up Scotty!' Blog - Virtual & Augmented Reality

While Star Trek sold the idea of teleportation to the world, Virtual Reality has made it possible to teleport the world to you. No matter where you are, Virtual Reality can transport you to the furthest corners of this and any other (imaginary) world. There are a number of headsets available on the market used in many ways in Military, Automotive, Entertainment, Education, Tourism and even Healthcare, from training surgeons to visiting a tranquil Hawaiian beach.

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