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Training’s Transformative Potential

30 January | David Woodgate

Training’s Transformative Potential

…the only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time…” – Austrian-American business management guru Peter Drucker (1909-2005).

I assumed leadership of Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s training programme in 2015, following six years as one of the firm’s field service engineers. My experience of working on Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology systems as an engineer, along with the RF expertise I developed from 10 years as a radio investigations officer at Ofcom (the UK communications regulator), was an incredibly useful starting point for a career in training users of our systems.

As anyone who works in the semiconductor industry will know, learning new skills and knowledge is a feature of the sector and its constant demands for innovation. The dynamic nature of the industry means that the skill of learning (and teaching) new skills is a fundamental requirement for success. This is why I’ve developed a training programme that offers flexibility and the full range of multidisciplinary skills and knowledge required to ensure our customers can maximise their investment in Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology systems. I’ve discovered that our training has transformative potential and this is what’s inspired me most to share with our customers the core technical knowledge and essential practical skills required to operate our systems safely and effectively.

Today, I’m proud to say that our training programme offers professional tuition for users of all ability levels with introductory, intermediate, and advanced level courses available. Our training programme offers course content across all our major product lines, as well as software training to help customers minimise risks to their system/s. We’ve also developed specialist Process and Handler training modules for more advanced system users. So, there’s training that meets the needs and experience of everyone, from new system users to experienced equipment and maintenance engineers seeking to develop their advanced skills.

Our carefully crafted core training content has been designed to meet our customers’ fundamental needs but it also includes sufficient flexibility to cater for customers’ bespoke requirements. For example, as part of our training booking process, we ask customers to participate in a training needs analysis review to ensure that our final course agenda matches our customers’ specific learning and development requirements.

Course attendees always receive a warm welcome at our training facility, located at our UK headquarters in Yatton, just outside Bristol, where we can comfortably host up to six attendees per course. Many of our courses are deliverable at your own site, using your Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology system, whilst some courses can be delivered remotely, via software applications such as Microsoft Teams. Most training involves a mixture of classroom and cleanroom learning, with course durations varying from 1-14 days, dependent on the content being delivered. Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has decades of experience and knowledge. I regard our training programme as an opportunity to share some of this experience and knowledge with our customers because I know this helps customers optimise their system/s for maximum productivity and performance. This approach offers our customers valuable benefits.

The benefits of professional training

  • Allowing your system/s to be operated safely and competently
  • Providing professional learning and development for your employees, meaning a greater return on your investments in people
  • Enhancing your internal knowledge, skills, and resilience, giving you an edge in a competitive market
  • Avoiding unplanned system downtime, meaning more productivity
  • Providing the knowledge required to undertake basic maintenance and fault diagnosis, helping maximise system uptime
  • Helping rapidly develop the fundamental skills required to safely use system software, minimising risks to the equipment and users

These benefits clearly demonstrate that our training programme is a sensible investment. Our training programme is very popular so please book early to avoid disappointment. To learn more about how we can help you, pricing, and available dates please contact us.

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David Woodgate

David Woodgate
UK Training Manager

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