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Advanced Level Courses

Advanced & ALD Training

Aiming for experienced equipment engineers, our Advanced Level Courses is for customers who want to learn all aspects of system maintenance. We provide full instruction on individual system PM includes PM kit. The ultimate goal of this training is to bring the maintenance function in-house.

If you wish to book another level of training courses, please visit the Intermediate Level Courses and Basic Training Courses. Additionally, we offer two Standalone Training Modules to learn how to use the Handler and expand your knowledge about the various processes.

PlasmaPro Cobra

Plasma & Ion Beam Advanced Training

The Advanced Training is suitable for those looking to become self-sufficient to maintain their own Plasma or Ion Beam systems and intend to bring yearly preventative maintenance in-house. This course provides comprehensive instruction for maintenance and equipment engineers.

You'll learn:

  • How to benchmark system performance
  • How to disassemble, clean and maintain the system with step-by-step instruction
  • Essential skills (taught in a practical environment)

Included in the training are a full suite of training presentations on system operation, hardware and schematics, and a PM kit for the system.


ALD Training

Examine and explore, in detail, various hardware blocks, software diagnostic options and electrical schematics of your ALD system. Additional units can be added depending on your needs. 

You'll learn:

  • Essential on-tool skills for equipment and maintenance engineers
  • How to identify and rectify hardware issues from commonly-occurring symptoms
  • How to isolate and diagnose faulty components, writing recipes to automate system health checks
  • Basic maintenance procedures 

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