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Looking Back at 2020

2020 was an exciting year for Plasma Technology

There’s never been a year quite like 2020, and while we look forward to the advancements coming our way in 2021, we want to take a look back and recognise some achievements from this year.

All our teams across the world have adapted well to new working environments, and worked extremely hard to deliver the excellent standard of service to our customers they are used to, and that they deserve.  We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their loyalty through 2020, and wish a happy and prosperous 2021 for all.

Take a look through our own highlights from 2020; which include joining some amazing global Quantum research consortiums, publishing successful webinars and white papers, the relaunch of our Process News publication, and releasing our new control software PTIQ. Despite the global pandemic, we’ve had an exciting and successful year at Oxford Instruments and there is lots more to come in 2021!

1. Process News

This year we saw the return of Process News, our newsletter-magazine about all things plasma technology, including industry news, updates on our new content, and much more.

The latest and new-look edition focused on Augmented Reality (AR) applications, with articles including:

  • A History of Augmented Reality
  • Metalense creation

2. The Launch of Ionfab for Surface Relief Gratings

Ionfab is our latest solution for slanted surface relief grating etching for augmented reality (AR) applications.

  • High yield on large uniform areas
  • Angle >45° enables high-efficiency grating couplers
  • Process flexibility for a range of devices designs
  • Precise definition of grating angle with highly-symmetrical features
  • Scalability demonstrated over 200 mm wafer area
  • Highly-uniform etching for a range of grating angles using Oxford Instruments' innovative technology (patent pending)

3. Webinar - How To Plasma Etch Silicon Carbide (SiC) To Achieve Maximum Device Performance

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is becoming well established within power device manufacturers as it offers compelling advantages vs Silicon (Si) in several applications. Manufacturing SiC devices require expert knowledge of plasma processing techniques to maximise device performance. Watch this webinar to discover more about these techniques.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • How to achieve precision features on SiC surfaces
  • Fast and efficient plasma etching techniques to achieve deep SiC vias

4. PTIQ Software Launch

PTIQ is the latest intelligent software solution for PlasmaPro, Plasmalab and Atomfab processing equipment.

  • Exceptional level of responsive system control
  • Optimise system and process performance
  • Different levels of software to suit your requirements
  • Brand new intuitive layout and design

5. Whitepaper - Augmented Reality: Profile Control for Slanted Etching

The need for forming slanted gratings for applications such as combiners for AR headsets has seen a recent surge. Ion beam etching technology is one of the best-suited techniques to enable the grating design required for these applications. Ion beam directionality in conjunction with variable incident beam angle via platen angle setting enables profile control and feature shaping during nanopatterning.


6. Bringing the Nanoworld Together 2020

Industry and Academic experts from across the world came together to present their research work and latest developments in 'Quantum Technologies' and 'Advanced Microscopy & Analysis' using Oxford Instruments equipment. The two-day event presented capabilities across five Oxford Instruments business units, with a Quantum Technology focus on Day 1 and Microscopy and Analysis focus on Day 2. The event was tailored for the Nanotechnology and Microscopy industry in India, and saw over 500 delegates registered from India and APAC countries. We are hoping to plan further events in other regions, please watch this space for more information.

The event is still available to watch the presentations on demand by registering here:


7. Brand New Customer Support Agreements

We pride ourselves on providing specialist support to our customers, and understand they all have unique requirements. This year launched a brand new range of support agreements, to cater for the wide range of customers we support. Our Service Support Agreements provide access to our expert help desks, field service engineers and spare parts to ensure that uptime, cost of ownership and productivity stay at an optimal level if you don't have in-house engineering support.


8. Quantum Partnerships

2020 has seen Oxford Instruments partner with some prestigious organisations to bring together a wealth of knowledge and further develop the revolution that is quantum technology. Read the following news releases to find out more:

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Joins Cross-Atlantic Quantum Collaboration as the Industry Lead
Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Joins Quantum Foundry at UCSB as Industrial Partner
Oxford Instruments’ businesses collaborate with the consortium, that wins a landmark grant to boost quantum technologies in the UK