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Ionfab Ion Beam

Ionfab is our latest solution for slanted surface relief grating etching for augmented reality (AR) applications.

  • High yield on large uniform areas
  • Angle >45° enables high-efficiency grating couplers
  • Process flexibility for a range of devices designs
  • Precise definition of grating angle with highly-symmetrical features
  • Scalability demonstrated over 200 mm wafer area
  • Highly-uniform etching for a range of grating angles using Oxford Instruments' innovative technology (patent pending)

Precision and scalability for AR applications

Whilst many technologies have been considered to deliver truly immersive AR experience, the waveguide approach has been favoured by major players such as Microsoft Hololens and Vuzix because of its ability to achieve a high field of view.

We have many years of expertise in etching slanted gratings on large areas and our solutions are designed to deliver the manufacturing quality required for high-yield.

We support manufacturers in reaching optimum optical efficiency with a range of slanted angle available.


High-yield device manufacturing

Our Ionfab system for IBE has been configured for market-leading uniformity on 200mm wafer size.

Our proprietary ion beam technology and patent-filed grid design allow us to produce standard 45° gratings with excellent precision. Our processing capability covers various materials such as Si and SiO2.

Cluster configuration options are available, using a field-proven, highly-reliable vacuum transfer robot.

SiO2 slanted gratings AR SEM

High quality Ion Beam Etching

Superior process repeatability and low cost of ownership make the Ionfab tool an excellent system that is configurable from R&D to batch production.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible configuration for advanced research applications
  • Unmatched uniformity and process reproducibility for production
  • Flexible wafer handling capability – single wafer load lock or cassette-to-cassette robotic handler
  • High yield on large uniform areas
  • Precise definition of grating angle with highly-symmetrical features
IBE processing chamber schematic

Wafers are positioned on a substrate holder which is angled to face the ion source. The angle of the substrate holder can be adjusted to enabled angled etching.

Global Customer Support

Oxford Instruments is committed to providing a comprehensive, flexible and reliable global customer support. We offer excellent quality service throughout the life of your system.

  • Remote diagnostics software provides quick and easy fault diagnosis and resolution
  • Support contracts are available to suit the budget and situation
  • Global spares in strategic locations for quick response

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