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Plasma-enhanced Etching & Deposition Solutions for Quantum

Next-Generation Solutions

Our solutions are enabling this next generation of quantum technologies and applications. We offer scalable and reliable solutions for the development of several quantum platforms.


Superconducting Qubits and Quantum Circuits

We offer several solutions for superconducting qubits & quantum circuits:

  • ALD of superconducting nitrides, e.g. NbN, TiN
  • ALD of tunnel barriers, e.g. Al2O3, AlN
  • Plasma etching of superconducting metals and nitrides
  • Deep silicon etch for Through-Silicon Via (TSV) for 3D integration

Behind our solutions and expertise is years of research in deposition and etch for the fabrication of components for superconducting quantum circuits.

SC Qubits TSV diagram
Superconducting qubit

Credit: University of Glasgow


Diamond-based Quantum Systems

We offer a range of etch (ICP etch; RIE) and deposition (ALD; PECVD) solutions for diamond quantum applications. This includes thinning down diamond to improve the manipulation of NV centres, and structuring diamond to enable new application with quantum information and sensing applications.

We offer three quantum diamond fabrication solutions:

  • Plasma Etching of Diamond Surfaces & Features
  • Plasma Etching to Create Surfaces for Efficient Light Collection
  • SiNx hard mask deposition, e.g. Si3N4
Annotated Diamond NV diagram

Diamond NV Centres for Quantum


Photonic Integrated Circuits for Quantum

We offer three key applications for photonic integrated circuits for quantum:

  • Atomic layer deposition of superconducting nitrides for SNSPDs
  • High temperature, SiH4 and NH3-free PE (ICP) CVD of Si3N4 for low-loss waveguides
  • Plasma etching for optical components (e.g. gratings, waveguides)
Photonic crystals large SEM

Photonic crystals in Diamond
(Credit: S. Bogdanovic, TU Delft)


Developed in partnership with leading institutions and companies.

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Systems for Diamond Quantum Applications

Enabling these solutions are the FlexAL and PlasmaPro 100 deposition and etch systems, capable of producing small coupons through to 200 mm wafers, clusterable to increase throughput and avoid vacuum breaks. Our PlasmaPro 100 platform enables high precision deposition and etching of a wide range of materials for quantum devices.

We offer key processing solutions for various device fabrication challenges for the various approaches in today’s quantum technology R&D and device development.

Oxford Instruments have a strong history in providing state of the art solutions in this rapidly developing applications are a key enabler of quantum technologies beyond device fabrication solutions.


Our Quantum Solutions

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