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From high power conversion efficiency in 3D sensing to high stability in data communications, we're enabling VCSEL manufacturers like you to produce the best lasers possible for devices

Note: simplified process flow.

Reliably Manufacturing VCSELs

At Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, one of our great successes has been in mesa manufacturing for VCSELs. We have repeatedly demonstrated high precision manufacturing of VCSEL mesas from masking to etching of the mesa on 150mm wafers, with devices passing accelerated lifetime testing.

Mesas are etched uniformly and smoothly with extra-low footing. The process is assisted by fully automated endpoint detection which enables fine control on mesa height.

Our VCSEL solutions support excellent electro-optical performance at maximum yield. Using our strong expertise in plasma processing, we enable VCSEL manufacturers to produce high volumes of lasers at high quality. Our current solutions have been proven on substrates up to 150mm and is capable of processing 200mm substrate.


Our VCSEL Solutions

  • Non-selective GaAs/AlGaAs etch with smooth sidewalls and no notching at individual layers
  • PECVDICP Etching and RIE for masking, passivation, mesa or isolation
  • Highly precise mesa etching depth achieved by ultra-low footing process and fully automated endpoint control

Our VCSEL solutions achieve excellent uniformity for maximum device performance.

Plasma Processing Solutions

Advanced plasma processing solutions can be achieved through our PlasmaPro 100 platform, which has been configured for high volume manufacturing up to 200mm wafer size.

Our CVD and ICP/RIE solutions include various steps such as masking, passivation, mesa or isolation. Oxford Instruments has a long history of working closely with the Compound Semiconductor community to deliver maximum device performance and manufacturing efficiency.

From high power conversion efficiency in 3D sensing to high stability in data communications, we accordingly support the manufacturing process to deliver target performances.


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