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CVD/PECVD tools for growth of 1D/2D nanomaterials and heterostructures. The Nanofab delivers high performance growth of nanomaterials with in-situ catalyst activation and rigorous process control.

  • Excellent uniformity with flexible temperatures up to 1200°C

  • Options of a 700°C, 800°C or 1200°C table
  • Sample sizes up to 200mm

  • Vacuum load lock - Quick sample exchange

  • Cold wall design with showerhead based uniform precursor delivery
  • Optional liquid/solid source delivery system for growth of MoS2,MoSe2 and other TMDCs

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Gas pod - incorporate extra gas lines and allow greater flexibility

Turbomolecular vacuum pump - offers superior pumping speeds and higher throughput

Optical end point detectors - an important tool for achieving optimal process results

TEOS liquid level sensing - level sensing is achieved using ultra sonic level sensors fitted to the TEOS canister

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