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Online Workshop

Enabling solutions for Quantum Technologies development

21 June 2023 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (IST)

About this Workshop

This live-streamed workshop will consist of oral presentations with our experts representing business units such as Plasma Technology, NanoScience, and Andor, who will be focusing on Oxford Instruments' quantum segment offer, as well as external speakers' talks discussing the potentiality for the quantum industry.

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The Speakers

Harriet van der Vliet

Dr Harriet van der Vliet
Product Segment Manager – Quantum Technologies at Oxford Instruments NanoScience

Title: Enabling quantum technology research in a multi-user and multi-system environment

As part of this talk, Oxford Instruments will present its latest innovations in dilution refrigerator technology for the quantum space and customer projects, as well as share key insights and learnings in accelerating the commercialisation of the quantum ecosystem.

Russ Renzas

Dr Russ Renzas
Quantum Technology Manager at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Title: Making Better Quantum Devices with Atomic Scale Processing

Quantum device performance is currently limited by losses at surfaces and interfaces. Color centers interact with damage from etch processes. Superconducting qubits have losses at metal-air, substrate-air, and substrate-metal interfaces. We will introduce advanced device fabrication techniques such as ALD, ALE, and IBD and discuss how they can be used to make high performance devices that enable quantum technology to reach its full potential.

Prof Arindam Ghosh

Prof Arindam Ghosh
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Title: 2D materials-based devices for emerging electronics and quantum technology

Santanu Manna

Assistant Professor Santanu Manna
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Title: GaAs and InP based quantum devices for classical/quantum emitter

Colin Coates

Dr Colin Coates
Global Strategic Head of Product Management – Physical Sciences & OEM at Oxford Instruments Andor

Title: Advanced Detector Solutions for Quantum Optics

Poornendu Chaturvedi

Dr Poornendu Chaturvedi
Solid State Physics Laboratory Delhi

Title: Fabricating Ultra Deep Cavities for Alkali Vapor Cells

Somobrata Acharya

Prof Somobrata Acharya
School of Applied & Interdisciplinary Sciences, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Title: Probing Two-dimensional Molecular Crystals Formation for Luminescence Enhancement

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