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Professional Training

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) offers a comprehensive range of training courses at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, as well as software and specialist training modules, covering all our major product lines.

We can tailor our training course content to the needs and experience of attendees, based on a training needs analysis conducted prior to the assembly of the final course agenda.

Training courses can be delivered from our UK headquarters, at customer sites (utilising your own OIPT systems), or remotely.


Key Benefits of Training

We have designed and developed the OIPT training programme to equip new and experienced system users with the knowledge and skills required to undertake basic system maintenance and fault diagnosis, maximising your system uptime and increasing your self-sufficiency.

The OIPT training programme aims to share our deep knowledge and skills with customers to enable you to optimise your system for productivity and performance.

Our training courses also help new and experienced users rapidly understand the correct use of system software, minimising the risks to the equipment.

All Training Courses

Course Target Level

Basic Training Courses

Intermediate Level Courses

Advanced Level Courses

Standalone Training Modules 

Course Title

New User



Advanced (PM Training)



System Type

All platforms PC4500/PTIQ based

All platforms

All platforms

All platforms

All platforms

All platforms

Places per session*








2 days

3 to 4 days

3 to 4 days

Up to 14 days system dependant

1 day

3 days


Plasma Technology HQ, Customer Site or Remote Training

Customer Site

Plasma Technology HQ

Customer Site

Plasma Technology HQ

Customer Site

Suitable For

New system users unfamiliar with the software or Process Engineers requiring a working system knowledge.

Equipment Engineers looking to explore the and understand the various system components, PLC and interlock scheme of their own systems.

Maintenance training using the Plaspro100 training system to explore system components, software and practice fault tracing skills.

Experienced equipment engineers wishing to learn all aspects of system maintenance to bring the function in-house. Full instruction on individual system. PM includes PM kit.

Equipment Engineers looking to re‑teach the robot, configure tool handling and complete a wafer size change.

Process Engineers looking to better understand the various processes including process optimisation and analysis.

*We will maintain social distancing following the government guidelines.

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