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High Quality InP-based Etching: Achieving Smooth Surface Using Controlled Processing

30 April 2020 at 3PM (UK)

About the Webinar

Indium phosphide (InP), the direct bandgap semiconductor, has multiple uses in optical and electrical devices. For a good quality final product, the InP dry etch step must repeatedly give the desired etched structures.

For many devices, the low surface damage and the surface quality of the sidewalls and base are particularly important.

In this webinar, our Senior Applications Engineer, Dr Katie Hore, will describe two InP etching processes, CH4/Cl2/H2 and Cl2/Ar and the process conditions which will affect the final etch product focusing on sidewall and surface quality, with device examples. She will also detail the uses of optical and laser endpointing for InP etching.


Meet the Presenter

Katie Hore

Dr Katie Hore
Senior Applications Engineer, Oxford Instruments

Katie specialises in etching indium phosphide, gallium arsenide and other III-V-related materials. She received her DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Oxford in 2013, where she studied solid state hydrogen storage materials. Katie also has an MRes in materials and nanotechnology from the University of Birmingham and an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Bristol.

She works developing and supporting etching processes for customer requirements and on new product introduction.


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