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Semiconductor Failure Analysis Solutions

21 June 2018 at 3PM (BST)

About the Webinar

Semiconductor failure analysis (FA) requires painstaking detective work to understand the source of failures so that they can be removed from volume production. This can include: understanding the chemistry of defects and why they formed; analysing the strain within a solder joint to pre-empt critical failures and mapping changes in dopant distribution through device lifetimes. This webinar will expand on how Oxford Instruments solutions can enable you to detect and help overcome these and other challenges currently faced during semiconductor device production including:

  • Sub 10 nanometer elemental characterisation of failures in bulk SRAM devices reducing the burden on TEM
  • Pre-emptive identification of solder joint failures using high speed structural analysis in the SEM
  • Optimised preparation of TEM lamellae using advanced lift-out techniques and elemental characterisation
  • Optimised high selectivity isotropic and anisotropic etches for nitride, oxide and polyimide removal
  • High rate, high selectivity metallisation etch using inductively coupled plasma processing

Meet the Presenters

Dr James Sagar

Dr James Sagar
Group Product Marketing Manager at Oxford Instruments




Dr Ligang Deng

Dr Ligang Deng
Principal Process Engineer, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

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