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Quantum Technology: Challenges & Solutions for Device Fabrication & Characterisation


This webinar provides an overview of device fabrication and characterisation challenges and solutions for applications in Quantum Technology like Quantum computing, communications and sensing. The next step up in device performance will be driven by development in materials processing and characterisation technology.

In this webinar we will address three aspects of device development for superconducting qubits and quantum circuits:

  • Plasma-enhanced ALD of superconductive thin films with RF substrate biasing by Dr Yi Shu, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

  • Plasma etching of superconducting metals by Colin Welch, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

  • Qubit characterization and measurement in cryogenic systems by Dr Ziad Melhem, Oxford Instruments NanoScience

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ALD for Quantum Devices White Paper

White Paper

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for Quantum Devices


Meet the Presenters

Dr. Ziad Melhem

Dr Ziad Melhem
Strategic Business Development Manager, Oxford Instruments NanoScience

Managing Strategic Business Development on Quantum, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology applications, collaborative R&D, strategic projects and consultancy projects, Ziad has over 30 years experience on product and business development activities in applied superconductivity. This includes low- and high-temperature superconducting materials and cryogenic & nanotechnology applications for scientific, medical, energy and industrial sectors.


Dr Yi Shu

Dr Yi Shu
Application Engineer, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Yi has a PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Bristol in the field of semiconductor devices design and fabrication for optical networks. Yi is currently focusing on the development of Atomic Layer Deposition processes.


Colin Welch

Colin Welch
Principal Applications Engineer, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Colin specialises in dry etching techniques (ICP and RIE) and has a wide range of experience in the etching of silicon, oxides, metals, polymers, novel materials and etching for nanotechnology. Among his current interests are diamond processing for Quantum computing and sensors, and R&D into chemical etching for Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJ). His experience in this industry totals over 28 years. He holds an MA degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford and an MSc degree in Electronic Materials and Devices from the University of Greenwich.

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