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JULY 16, 2020  |  9AM UPT


Oxford In Your University is an exclusive virtual seminar for Quantum Alberta to learn about the latest process developments for Quantum Technology and ALD for Quantum Devices.

Hosted by our in-house experts, you'll get the latest insights on low damage plasma solutions and innovations.

This will be a truly interactive experience allowing you to stop the presentations and ask questions whenever you like. The session is confidential with all discussions kept within your company.

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Expert Talks

Quantum Technology Device Fabrication

by Pauline Alvarez

An introduction to cutting-edge processes for Quantum Technologies. We'll talk you through our latest developments and feature some of our customers’ reference research work, including a 3-step optimized diamond etch process, TSV coatings with plasma ALD of superconducting NbN with high Tc, high-temperature PECVD of Si3N4 for low loss optical components, and more.



Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for Superconducting Materials and Tunnel Barriers

by Dr Harm Knoops

Gain an insight into the basics of atomic layer deposition, atomic layer etching and how to grow 2D materials in a scalable way. See how the control of plasma and reactor conditions allows improved and tailored material properties. Combining and clustering these techniques allows for the full benefit of atomic-scale processing. We’ll also show examples of this for a wide range of oxides, nitrides and sulphides.

ALD for Quantum

Meet the Presenters

Pauline Alvarez

Pauline Alvarez
Ion Beam and ALD Specialist, Oxford Instruments

Pauline is an Ion Beam and ALD Specialist at Oxford Instruments, experienced thin film processing expert with a specialisation in Ion Beam techniques for manufacturing of optoelectronic devices such as lasers and IR sensors.


Dr Harm Knoops

Dr Harm Knoops
Applications Specialist, Oxford Instruments

Dr Harm Knoops is the Atomic Scale Segment Specialist at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology and holds a part-time assistant professorship position at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His current work covers the fields of (plasma-based) synthesis of thin films, advanced diagnostics and understanding and developing plasma ALD.

His main goals are to improve and advance atomic scale processes and applications for Oxford Instruments and its customers. His recent involvement in applying RF substrate biasing during plasma ALD and the growth of 2D-MoS2 by plasma ALD have been well-received by the field.


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