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Soft Pump

Soft Pump/Soft Vent Feature Upgrade

This soft pump upgrade allows the slow pumping down of a vacuum chamber, with the aim of minimising the addition of particles on substrates which may be disturbed by rapid gas flows.

It is valuable both for load lock and open load process chambers, as the soft pump will extend pump down time by a few minutes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Manual vent set point (open load systems only)
  • Automatic vent operation
  • Slow pump feature selectable from front end software
  • Minimising Particle contamination on substrate caused by rapid gas flows
  • Minimise unwanted substrate movement caused by rapid gas flows

If you have already upgraded to the X20 control system you can download our new LogViewer datalogging and analysis software - all you have to do is Register for Free and you'll be sent a short survey to complete before receiving a download link. Before completing the survey you will need your system number and some details about it.

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