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Frequently Asked Question | Support Agreements

Q: We maintain our system/s internally, using our own engineers, why do we need a support package?

A: Our Service Support agreements offer a broad range of services and benefits, including Preventative Maintenance (PM), PM kits, as well as discounts on parts and spares so it’s worth considering the value of the entire packages. For customers who maintain their equipment in-house, our Self-Sufficiency, Self-Sufficiency Plus, and Production Critical packages include credit/s towards the cost of Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology training courses designed to help you maintain your system/s in-house by developing your staff’s knowledge.

Q: Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology engineers travelling to our site/s involves significant costs (financial and environmental) and time, as well as possible delays. Is there a better option?

A: Our Remote Support Agreement package does not require travel because it’s delivered through modern communications applications such as TeamViewer and Help Lightning. This allows our engineers to instantly connect with you from any device anywhere in the world. Using the pre-configured and head-mounted RealWear smart glasses that come with the remote support toolkit, customers and our engineers can instantly connect for hands-free remote support.

Q: Our business is production critical, if we experience issues with our system, then we would require urgent support. How quickly can you be on site?

A: Prompt customer support is key to our service delivery strategy. Our technical help desk is committed to responding to most support requests within 24 hours (48 hours for Remote Support), whilst our Production Critical or Self-Sufficiency Plus package commits to a four hours response. Whichever package you buy, our aim is to deliver solutions promptly and professionally.

Q: We have a team of engineers who need to develop their knowledge of our system/s, can your support packages help?

A: Yes. Our Self Sufficiency package includes one credit that is used for equipment engineer training, whilst the Self Sufficiency Plus and Production Critical packages include two credits for advanced training. These training courses cover the same learning materials that our own engineers receive. This means we can help build and develop your in-house knowledge and understanding of our system/s, meaning you are more resilient to unplanned downtime.

Q: Are your support packages limited to hardware support?

A: All our support packages include hardware support but some packages also offer software support (see Table for summary). A range of Process Solutions, including access to our library of more than 8,000 process recipes, is available separately here.

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