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Process & Handler Training (All Levels)

We offer two standalone trainings modules for Process and Handler. The Process Training is suitable for Process Engineers looking to develop the essential skills required to better understand the various processes including process optimisation and analysis. The Handler Training has been designed for Equipment Engineers who want to develop the essential skills required to re‑teach the robot, configure tool handling and complete a wafer size change.

Handler training course at Oxford Instruments

Process Training

Process engineers looking to develop the essential skills required to better understand the various processes including process optimisation and analysis.

You'll learn:

  • Introduction to Process (general or specific to requirements)
  • Process setup and Optimisation (including process trends)
  • Process measurements and analysis techniques
  • Endpoint training (optional)
  • Chamber cleaning (Plasma and mechanical cleaning)
  • LogViewer for identifying system health trends
  • Process troubleshooting


Handler Training

Held at our Plasma Technology Headquarters, you'll look at the Brooks MMX, Hine or EMS platforms. This course is ideal for maintenance and equipment engineers.

You'll learn:

  • How to rectify wafer placement errors and reset the handling using the hand pendant
  • Basics setup routines
  • Wafer size changes
  • Elevator configuration and set up

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