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Quantum diamond microscope for mapping magnetic fields


Tremendous research activity worldwide has focused on attempting to harness the exotic properties of quantum physics for new applications in metrology, computation, and communications - a push to develop “engineered quantum systems”. Colour centres in diamond such as nitrogen-vacancy centres (NV centres) could provide a platform for precision magnetometry allowing for nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of individual complex molecules. In this talk, I will give an overview of our research towards the development of an imaging tool for mapping neuronal signals from mammalian brain cells. In addition, I will describe our effort towards the development of single-photon sources.

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Meet the Presenter

Dr. Kasturi Saha

Dr Kasturi Saha
Assistant Professor, Indian Institute Technology of Bombay

Dr Saha is an assistant professor in IIT Bombay in the Electrical Engineering Department. She was a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Paola Cappellaro’s group in the Research Laboratory of Electronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She obtained her PhD in Prof.Alexander Gaeta’s group in the School of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University. Prior to that, she did her M.Sc. from IIT-Delhi and B.Sc.(Hons.) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. Her research interests include nanophotonics, precision metrology, and quantum computation with solid-state colour defects. She is a recipient of the DST-INSPIRE faculty fellowship.

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