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A Roadmap towards Quantum Advantage


In this seminar, the National Quantum Computing Centre will be introduced with an overview of its strategy and purpose. The Centre design and technical roadmap will be described along with emerging applications and use case development market deployment given of quantum computing in the UK. In anticipation of the application impact, the uptake and challenges of creating a ‘Quantum Ready’ economy will be described.

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Meet the Presenter

Dr Michael Cuthbert

Dr Michael Cuthbert
National Quantum Computing Centre, UK

Dr Cuthbert joined the National Quantum Computing Centre as its Interim Director in June 2020. He has a background in cryogenics, superconducting materials and solid-state physics research before joining Oxford Instruments in 1998. He has held a number of technical and commercial leadership roles with Oxford Instruments over the past 22 years in Japan, the US and the UK, most recently as Head of Quantum Technologies across the Oxford Instruments Group. He is a member of the Institute of Physics and sits on several advisory panels including the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme Strategic Advisory Board.

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