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Enhance System Performance and Access Latest Features with X20 PLC 

The X20 Control System is a powerful upgrade for your system designed to give you faster processing with reduced power consumption, as well as access to the latest software and features available.

Key Features

  • 1 week of planned on-site maintenance for installation
  • NEW modern and intuitive PC4500 software
  • Enhanced LogViewer Software with all purchases
  • FREE Windows 10 PC worth over €5000 with installation

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This upgrade offers both hardware and software enhancements for your PlasmaPro or Plasmalab system.
Its modular design allows for easy expansion with future upgrades and replacements.


  • Every X20 Control System installation will come with a free system benchmark to check tool health
  • Faster system processing
  • Reduced power consumption
  • System is prepared for future upgrades, such as pumps, turbos, light towers and end point detectors
X20 PLC close-up


  • Onboard PID removes the need for external temperature controllers


  • Compatible with all current ancillaries
  • Modular design allows easy expansion with future upgrades, easier replacements, and quicker repairs
  • Necessary for service contracts
  • Available for your PlasmaPro/Plasmalab system (with Blue PLC installed)
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  • Enhanced LogViewer:
    • Real-time graphing of all process parameters
    • Comparison with previous runs, showing, long-term repeatability
    • Simplified user interface
    • Power statistics package for process development
  • PC4500:
    • Our latest system software, modern, intuitive and efficient
    • Minimise risk by independently managing user access and abilities
  • TeamViewer:
    • Support Agents can remotely access internet-enabled PCs for support and servicing
    • Retune digital AMUs
    • Control tool in service mode for advanced diagnosis of problems
  • Diagnostic Viewer:
    • Captures 60 seconds of all PLC inputs and outputs before errors
    • Live I/O voltages from PLC in real-time – no more volt meters!

Available for Plasma 80, 800, 100 and 133 Systems

PlasmaPro 80

PlasmaPro / Plasmalab 80

PlasmaPro 100

PlasmaPro / Plasmalab 100

PlasmaPro 133

PlasmaPro / Plasmalab 133

PlasmaPro 800

PlasmaPro / Plasmalab 800

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X20 PLC offers:

  • Faster processing, reduced power consumption, improved performance
  • NEW modern and intuitive PC4500 software
  • Enhanced LogViewer Software with all purchases
  • FREE Windows 10 PC worth over €5000 with all purchases
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