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How to Plasma Etch SiC - Webinar

Manufacturing SiC devices require expert knowledge of plasma processing techniques in order to maximise device performance, watch this webinar to discover more about these techniques.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to achieve precision features on SiC surfaces
  • Fast and efficient plasma etching techniques to achieve deep SiC vias with excellent sidewall quality
Oxford Instruments Plasma Etching Solutions for SiC - Webinar

Silicon Carbide Process Solutions

The material properties of SiC such as high bandgap, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown field, provide potential performance far superior to Si in the power switching/conversion application field. These properties has made SiC very attractive in the electronics industry for power devices used in electric vehicles, trains and aerospace. 

Oxford Instruments has a deep understanding of how to make the most optimised devices through its process solutions. With extensive experience in etching materials, we are enabling SiC manufacturers to achieve smooth sidewalls, excellent surface quality and the etch results you need to maintain your competitive edge.


Designed for etching tough materials

Designed specifically for the harsh chemistries required for etching tough materials such as SiC, GaN and Sapphire, the PlasmaPro 100 Polaris delivers fast etch rates uniformly on wafers up to 200mm diameter.

  • Precise control of SiC via etch and Sic feature etch, which can be performed in the same system
  • Actively cooled electrode to maintain sample temperature during etch process
  • High power Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) source producing high density plasmas
  • Magnetic spacer for enhanced ion control and uniformity
SiC hole etch SEM image

SiC hole etch SEM image

SiC hole etch close-up SEM image

SiC hole etch close-up SEM image

Smooth and vertical SiC feature etch

Smooth and vertical SiC feature etch

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