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Wide temperature range electrode upgrade

Wide temperature range electrode upgrade

Significant design improvements have been made to Oxford Instruments’ wide temperature range electrodes.

Features of the electrode re-design upgrade

  • Increased structural strength of the electrode across the entire temperature range (-150ºC to +400ºC)
    Delivers improved dimensional stability of the electrode, maintaining flatness of the upper surface and hence efective heat transfer to and from the wafer
  • Up-rated heating element to 2kW
    Delivers more heat to the electrode thereby reducing temperature ramping times, increased element lifetime and improved temperature uniformity over the upper surface
  • Design allows fitting of two temperature probes
    Temperature control and over temperature limit “watch dog” provision
  • Increased fluid flow capacity within the electrode
    Delivers increased cooling performance at the wafer, allowing a wider range of processing parameters to be employed
  • Re-design of temperature probe with increased dc bias capability
    Increased processing window with dc bias capability to 1kV, up from 500V limit of previous design
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