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Frequently Asked Question | TeamViewer

Q: Will we need to download and install the TeamViewer software before we can connect with an engineer?

A: No, all PCs we supply are supplied with TeamViewer pre-installed and ready to use.

Q: What if we need to share files, such as data logs?

A: No problem, TeamViewer features a secure and flexible file sharing function.

Q: How effective are TeamViewer’s remote functions?

A: TeamViewer’s remote functions are effective, you can share screens on iPhones and iPads, transfer files securely, connect mobile-to-mobile, view system diagnostics in the TeamViewer desktop app, and chat via text, take screenshots, or control processes on the supported device.

Q: Does TeamViewer save time or money, compared with an on-site visit?

A: Yes, using TeamViewer means the financial and environmental costs of travel are removed. The software’s in-depth diagnostic tools, resources and support mean that our engineers can pinpoint and resolve issues remotely in less time and from anywhere in the world.

Q: How secure is your log-in to our system?

A: When our engineer logs-in to your system, TeamViewer generates a single-use password that expires when the session ends.

Q: Could connecting with your engineer through TeamViewer help improve our knowledge and understanding?

A: Yes, TeamViewer has a simple recording function, meaning that your support sessions can be recorded and saved for future reference or training purposes.

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