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Device fabrication for life sciences & biomedical applications:
Electronic, Photonic and MEMS based devices

Semiconductor technology is becoming increasingly important in global healthcare enabling novel understanding, discovery and treatment of disease to make healthcare more affordable and efficient, both in and out of the clinic.

Electronic, Photonic and MEMS based sensor fabrication techniques

Biosensors are devices that detect biological species and transform the resulting biochemical signal into an physical one that can correlates with the concentration of the target species. These are made up of microfluidics that perform the task of manipulating, processing and transporting analytes in a form that is ready to be processed by these active systems. These active components are commonly fabricated using fabrication processes for electronic, photonic or MEMS based sensors combined with surface functionalization techniques. In this paper, techniques and challenges for application of such sensors for bio-detection will be outlined.

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Dr Ravi Sundaram

Dr Ravi Sundaram
Head of Strategic R&D Markets, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology