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Plasma Processing: The Essential Steps for High Performance GaN on SiC RF Devices

GaN on SiC RF devices are becoming increasingly important to realise the efficient high frequency devices required for today’s communications. The high electron mobility of the AlGaN/GaN 2DEG enables fast switching times with low power loss. Building these devices requires precise control of plasma processing, without this knowledge device lifetime and performance will be compromised. Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology delivers the solutions through advanced technology and process know-how.

GaN based RF devices offer many advantages over other materials such as switching speed and power density. The intrinsic material properties of GaN such as wide band gap, high electron mobility, high thermal conductivity and high breakdown voltage make it a good performance choice for high power high frequency devices. Native GaN substrates, however, are very expensive and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future due to technological barriers. The substrate choices for GaN RF are currently between Si and SiC.

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Dr Mark Dineen

Dr Mark Dineen
Technical Marketing Manager, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology