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Nanoscale Plasma Etching: Recorded Lecture

Plasma etching has been vital for device fabrication in the semiconductor and other industries for over 40 years. This presentation will focus on the extension of plasma etching (a subtractive approach) into the nanoscale era and its continuing crucial role in nanotechnology.

A brief introduction to nanotechnology and an overview of plasma etching principles is given, followed by a detailed discussion of the difficulties of nanoscale etching and what can be done to overcome these challenges. Examples in nanoscale etching of silicon follow, including some tricks for extending the capability, then further examples in metals and other materials etching from recent Oxford Instruments experience.

What you will gain from this lecture:

  • A review of plasma etching as applied to the nanoscale and nanotechnology and an understanding of the principles involved in the challenges of this field
  • Examples of recent nanoscale etching results and capability

The lecture is presented by Colin Welch, Principle Etch Applications Engineer and expert in nanoscale etching at Oxford Instruments.