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COVID-19 Global Support: Online Short Courses & Training

First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are staying well during this unprecedented time. Rest assured that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain open for business and committed to supporting you.

Our Service team remain available to our customers and, where local regulations or risk assessment prevent a service person from physically visiting a site, we can help by utilising our remote toolkits. Our Live Assist and TeamViewer tools to allow us remote access to your systems where possible.

Available Courses

Bringing Your Tool Back Online

This 1-hour short course and discussion is designed to help you manage through the current situation and will cover the following:

  • Were the correct protocols followed for the shutdown for COVID-19?
  • Have you planned your system restart?
  • Do you have the correct start-up checklists?
  • What if there are issues and what support can you get?

Working Remotely Using TeamViewer and Live Assist

Explore your system with the Services team on this 1-hour interactive course. TeamViewer/GoTo Assist remote-control packages will allow a specialist to take control of your system for diagnosis or application optimisation.

Oxford Instruments Live Assist is our merged reality technology and enables our specialists to have a virtual presence within your lab to help and guide you through any analysis issues you may be facing.


LogViewer Software

Do you currently take full advantage of the embedded LogViewer Software that is standard in our latest software packages? LogViewer enables real-time and historic interrogation of datalogs in a visual form for performance analysis.

This 1-hour course will provide a demonstration with LogViewer and an introduction to the Statistical Logs packages and other software features that can improve performance.


Using Diagnostics Viewer to Improve Performance, Uptime & Fault Diagnosis

This 1-hour interactive course with our specialists utilising a power diagnostic viewer. The course will introduce the following topics:

  • PLC slice health status compared to its factory condition via fingerprinting option
  • Real-time capture of PLC status allowing remote measurement of PLC I/O without an engineer on-site
  • Records and stores the preceding 60 seconds of PLC data post-alarm condition
  • Fault diagnosis support with the ability to start and stop recording on specific conditions allowing for the capture of fast transient events
  • Search function allows for specific signal level and conditions to be located quickly

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Global Customer Support

Oxford Instruments is committed to providing comprehensive, flexible and reliable global customer support. We offer excellent quality service throughout the life of the tool.

  • Remote diagnostics software provides quick & easy fault diagnosis & resolution
  • Support contracts are available to suit the budget and situation
  • Global spares in strategic locations for quick response
  • Global service engineers provide preventative maintenance service &
  • A wide range of upgrades, for process improvements, greater productivity & reduced cost of ownership of your tool are available